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Amalie Smith, Amitai Romm, David Stjernholm, Rasmus Myrup and Valerie Collart, Spooky Action at a Distance

  • 170x240mm

This publication is made in relation to the exhibition Spooky Action at a Distance, shown at Bus Projects from 9th-30th of January 2016. Spooky Action at a Distance presented works by artists Amalie Smith, Amitai Romm, David Stjernholm, Rasmus Myrup and Valérie Collart who work with sculpture, installation and digital media to investigate the relationship between physical and digital spaces, the embodiment of information and transitions between the two, three and four dimensional.

The content of this book consists of contributions from the participating artists responding to an invitation to extend their work into the format of the publication, either as a text, images or a version of the work transformed into pages. Along with these, art critics and curators Kim Brockett and Kelly Fliedner have each written a personal afterimage of their experiences and reflections of the show, trying to capture the remembrance of the space and the body of works. In relation to the questions raised throughout the exhibition, art critic Sara Thetmark reflects upon the arbitrary of experiencing an exhibition only portrayed through documentation and she unfolds our present visual regime moving from a pictorial turn towards a biopictorial future.