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Joseph Jungarayi Williams, (on Island Island) Warumungu palanmirri Manu ngara apparr
 Warumungu Warriors: A Story of Manu (Country)

The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954), Saturday 14th of January 1932. Original material contributed by State Library of South Australia.

View project on Island Island here.

apparr ngalanya warumungu palanmirri ki wurrmurlalki kapi apurtu ku ajjinyi Jupurula, pulkka pulkka apara ajjul wilya nyina manu ku, manu ajjul pina parinyi, payintalki palanmirri anyul kan nyinta

Warumungu Warriors: A Story of Manu (Country) responds to a newspaper article published with The Mail (Adelaide, SA) on Saturday 14th January, 1932 featuring my grandfather Nat, Warumungu man, tracker and great artist. The piece was first performed with the Tennant Creek Brio at Artspace, Sydney as part of NIRIN: 22nd Biennale of Sydney (2020).

Joseph Jungarayi Williams is a proud Warumungu cultural spokesperson and one of few remaining speakers of Warumungu language. His practice is rooted in knowledge sharing and engages poetry, spoken word and performance to advocate for his mother’s people and those within his community.

Jungarayi Williams is a founding member of the artist collective the Tennant Creek Brio established in 2016 through his involvement with the men’s centre at Anyinginyi Health Service. He is committed to the continuation of Warumungu cultural knowledge and advocating for the Tennant Creek Brio as significant role models for younger generations.