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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

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Wed–Fri 12–5pm
Sat 12–4pm



back soon x, Kendal McQuire, Cherie Peele and Emma Collard.

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short vids floatsam
bystanders quit
and work
moldy street air
thrown everywhere
red & blue & others
cordon cars, fictitious men,
frequental shapes
seen grazing
on a footpath
at name/year
soaking a sky
like pensive aspects
origins protracted
to made clinks

as they trot in
frugal months
outlines apparition to
collect …
mildew frolics
piddles glisten -
forms run
into cornices
prisms laugh
market shapes
weighted as
italics, specs of
an A4 street
perspective lines


a street sign carries
feet and it all

-Anthony Barker

Story: A girl waves goodbye to her friends at the beach. She is interested in and observes how her location seems to present different parts that can overlap or meet each other. The girl can play inside each of the parts. Her body is not afraid to get into them.
Here there is sand to water to ocean to sky to clouds and back around to grass then sand again. It repeats. You can choose which part you want to play in. The parts have their own shapes.

The shapes inside each of the parts are floating, stagnant and pleasant. Some you can help and some you can alter. It is easy to imagine playing with the parts if you try. The hard thing is imagining if all the parts can be known all together. Especially if you look through a lens. A lens cannot capture it all at once.

The day is going well.
The girl wonders what it would
look like to play in all
six parts at the same time.
she takes both hands down to the water
inside there is grass
inside there is sand
she carries the parts
so they meet in the ocean,
some of the water shapes are stuck to her hair
she wonders if you can
ever hold what lies above,
she tries to float
in between the parts on
her back
the water shapes go in her ears, it doesn’t hurt
her palm opens
she reaches for the clouds extending, capturing but releasing
how it feels to combine
six parts into her own
her friends on the grass
wave back

-Brittany Lambert

back soon x
Perhaps you wear a square
Perhaps the squiggle goes for a walk
Perhaps the circle doesn’t fit

In 2013, Cherie and Emma were intrigued by the book Kendal was reading about graphic symbols, so they borrowed it and all made work influenced by it. Later that year they all graduated with three BFAs @ VCA. In 2015, they formed a collaborative relationship through a likeminded playful process, where their interests in performance, objects, shape, colour and personalities came together. This is their first collaborative exhibition in which they finally get to explore this shared interest in circles, squares and squiggles.