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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
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Departed Acts: Jeremy Eaton, Jeremy Eaton

“Departed Acts: Lineages of Queer Practice”
Archie Barry, Jeremy Eaton, Clinton Hayden, Amy Spiers
Opening: at The Centre for Contemporary Photography, 6 - 8.30pm
Dates: Thursday 3 May

The second in a series of events taking place throughout 2018, ‘Departed Acts: Lineages of Queer Practice’ at The Centre for Contemporary Photography will feature Archie Barrie, Jeremy Eaton, Clinton Hayden, and Amy Spiers.

‘Departed Acts: Lineages of Queer Practice’, is a performance-lecture series presented in collaboration between CCP and Bus Projects. This program invites four queer Australian practitioners to recall an encounter with a pivotal artist, exhibition or experience, that has influenced their practice. For the iteration of ‘Departed Acts’ presented at CCP, practitioners have been asked to explore the potential histories, lineages and trajectories of queer artistic practice, both within their own practices and within a broader socio-political context.

Conducted with varying degrees of visual accompaniment, and with a critical playfulness towards the lecture format, ‘Departed Acts’ creates an idiosyncratic space where subjective memories can be indulged. Rather than focusing on objective testimony, ‘Departed Acts’ embraces the tangential nature of recollection, allowing for the factual and fictitious to intertwine. Intended as an open ended, train-of-thought exercise, ‘Departed Acts’ allows space for a personal, freely associative discourse, intending to provide a deeper and more intimate understanding of the creative process.

Jeremy Eaton is an artist and writer working in Naarm, Melbourne. Jeremy is invested in exploring lineages of social space and materiality through a predominantly print-based and sculptural practice. Jeremy has exhibited nationally and written for various artists and publications. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Summer Group Show’, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney (2018); a group exhibition with Seven Valencia and Camille Hannah at C A V E S, Melbourne (2018); and ‘Of Everything That Disappears There Remains Traces’ curated by Lauren Ravi at the Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne (2017). He has undertaken solo projects at West Space, KINGS Artist-Run and a residency at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Jeremy has written for un Magazine, participated in the Gertrude Contemporary Emerging Writers Program and recently wrote a catalogue essay to accompany Meredith Turnbull’s current exhibition, ‘Closer’ at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne.