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Cooled pride, roused ardour, Nicholas Smith

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Nicholas Smith
Cooled pride, roused ardour

A gift for my parents wedding, 2018
Upholstery, leather, hand whittled cyprus

This year my father threw out our family couch, a wedding present to my parents. I salvaged the fabric to sew a pair of high heeled boots, a re-imagined present for them.

St Sebastian martyred five times, 2018
Glazed stoneware with porcelain slip

St Sebastian, a roman soldier martyred for his catholic faith, has earnt through his depictions in western art, the yet to be sanctified title of ‘patron saint of the gays’.

Chandelier, 2018
Pit fired and burnished raku clay, velvet

The pit firing process involves stacking the ceramic objects in a makeshift pire of sticks, sawdust and green matter in a metre deep pit. The pire was then burnt and smouldered for a period of 48 hours to impregnate the clay with ash and carbon.

Daybed, 2018
Foam, hardwood

An old foam mattress sits atop a recycled artwork.